Birthday celebration (I)

ice cream cake from island creamery – ReverseO & Teh tarik

As Daddy is going for his business on Sunday, we got to push forward Ryan’s birthday celebration with the family on Saturday.

Daddy was thinking to get a Lala cake, I would like to have a Patissier cake. However, on Thursday afternoon, I ordered a Ice-cream cake from Island Creamery. I placed a order via phone without knowing how will this cake look like.

Collected on cake about 5+pm as Daddy was having meeting in his office. By the time we reached grandma’s house was around 6+pm. His cousins got him a suprise by using the magic candles. Ryan counld’t blow out these candles as they simply relight, again and again and again. At last we changed back to normal candles and let him blow them off.

Think he was too happy and excited about his birthday celebration, he refused to sleep and got nightmare.


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Ryan’s favour toy

This buzz lightyear is 1 ofryan’s favour toy.
We got this from Disneyland Tokyo ..

This buzz lightyear’s height is only 2cm, he lost 1 of his arm long time ago.

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Goat Farm

Finally we got a chance to visit the Goat farm – Hay Dairies Goat Farm
We reach there at 11am… and we miss the last session of the milking demonstration.
Maybe next time we can be there earlier…

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We took this photo sticker @ bugis junction.

This machine is so different from the last time (long time ago). After you took the photos, you can edit the photos with lots of patterns. Too complicated ….. I got to call the shop assistant for help.

I guess the she must be thinking …. why this auntie so outdated .. don’t even know what button to press in order to get the photo printout..

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Why no update for the past 1 month
1) Mommy was busy
2) She lost my blogger id and password, she can’t login at all

Some updates for the past 1 month

  • We went to see Mr. Bean Holidays on 03/24/2004..- He enjoyed watching for the 90 minutes (this inclusive of the advertisements before the actual movie)
  • Insisted on taking bus to buy dinner, and refused to walk by himself- Poor mommy got to carry him and food to take bus home
  • Brought him to the playground on Sunday, he insisted on taking bus to his grandma’s place after playing. Manage to get him in the car, but refused to seat on his car seat. Waited for 20 minutes before he give in.
  • Keep reminding us that his “生日”is coming . Asking for birthday present and birthday party in his school
  • Refuse to take photos (camera-shy ?!?!?!)….

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